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Restoring Natural vortex micro-clustered structure with Carafes, Glasses, Drink Bottles and Water Eggs
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Water Crystals

Will you gift Water Natures Design?

Hexagonal stucture of the water crystal is the sign of harmonic water full of natural energy, like the water in natural streams. Water supply systems weaken the water as crystal without structure shows

Hexagonal structure of the water crystal is the sign of harmonic water full of natural energy, as in nature. Water supply systems weaken the water as crystal on left without structure show. More ...

Golden Ratio

How does it influence water?

Photos of water crystals show that the Golden ratio has beneficial influence on the water. That is why shape of all our products is created on the basis of the Golden ratio

Photos of water crystals show that the Golden ratio has beneficial influence on the water. That is why shape of all our products is created on the basis of the Golden ratio, restoring water's crystalline structure.

Thankyou Bottles

Why are they named Thank you?

The range of these first bottles in the world that are made rom 100% natural materials that are 100% degradable

These are the first bottles in the world made from 100% natural materials that are 100% bio-degradable with compostable flip-tops. Our Earth says "Thank you. I love your Flower of Life!"

Golden PHI Ratios Creating Elixir of Life, Health & Prosperity
Putting the Life Back Into Water Post Filtration
Drink Smooth Tasting, High Energy Liquid Crystalline Water

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Alladin Carafes and Golden Mythos

1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design


1.3 litre and 2.3 litre Family Carafes plus Mythos in golden PHI ratio proportions with Flower of Life (pictured center) energy matrix emblazoned into base in pure gold. Revitalise water in 3 minutes. Water crystal, by Masaru Emoto shows liquid crystalline, full-spectrum water state. 250ml glasses add 1, 2, 3 fibbonacci sequences to Alladin's golden PHI ratios of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. Hand-crafted, mouth-blown, lead-free glass dish-washer safe to 70°C/158°F.

Gemstones spheres on top of the 1.3L Alladin and 1 litre Phoenix Carafes add their unique and supportive structure energies to water, the air around you and Shungite it particular protect from EMF. Sphere geometry is particularly powerful for this. Spheres are polished and about 60mm in diameter. Pictured below are Shungite, Rock Crystal on Alladin and Rose Quartz in box. Below are Amethyst, Black Obsidian on Alladin and Green Aventurine in its box. Gemstones vary in their individual appearance and energy. Yours will be personally selected by our gemstone practitioner.

Polished Amethyst Sphere for 1 litre Phoenix Carafes and 1.3L Alladin Carafes by Natures Design Polished 60mm Rock Crystal Sphere on top of 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design Polished Rose Quartz Gemstone Sphere ready for unboxing to go on top of 1 litre Phoenix Carafe or 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design

Polished Amethyst Sphere for 1 litre Phoenix Carafes and 1.3L Alladin Carafes by Natures Design Polished 60mm Black Obsidian Gemstone Sphere on top of 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design Polished Aventure Sphere ready for unboxing to go on top of 1 litre Phoenix Carafe or 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design

1.3L and 2.3L Alladin Family Choice
Choice of Flower Of Life for Carafes and Glasses
Alladins and Mythos Glasses with matching Flower of Life
60mm Gem Sphere Lids for 1L Cadus/Phoenix 1.3L Alladin Carafes
Carafe Tops - Glass and Wood

Phoenix Arises

Polished 60mm Black Obsidian Gemstone Sphere on top of 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design Polished 60mm Black Obsidian Gemstone Sphere on top of 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design

Scorpio sun-signs, like our Team Leader, and all those loving ascension love the Phoenix in its simple angular Golden Ratio proportions. Phoenix is mouth-blown by traditional craft masters. Phoneix comes with Flower of Life in White on base and a Maple wooden lid. Add unique crystal energy to your water as well with 60mm polished gemstone spheres on top.

Phoenix Carafes
obsidian, green aventurine, amethyst, rose quartz and rock quartz in an arc from left to right
60mm Gem Sphere Lids for 1L Cadus/Phoenix 1.3L Alladin Carafes


Cadus a barrel of golden proportions for liquids, wine or oils also holds gemstones! 1L and 1.5L sizes can both come with a base-space for gemstones held in by a wooden insert with natural rubber ring. Or you can have the power of the Flower of Life in white on the base. Gemstones are held in by a wooden insert with natural rubber ring and a 50g (about) mix of Amethyst, Rock Quartz and Rose Quartz is supplied with the Gemstone option. Water Crystal is achieved in 3 minutes. Both come with flat glass lids. The 1L size has the option of also coming with a 60mm polished gemstone sphere lid. On request we can supply a Shungite Sphere. This video shows how to put your gemstones into the base. On request we will also include a 30mm Shungite sphere to fit into the base-space. Contact details at foot of page.

Cadus One Litre Carafe with gemstones held in cavity in base and no lid by Natures Design Cadus One Litre Carafe with gemstones held in cavity in base and no lid by Natures Design Cadus One Litre Carafe with gemstones held in cavity in base and no lid by Natures Design

Cadus One Litre Carafes
Choose Gemstone Holding or White Flower of Life
Cadus 1.5L Carafes
Choose Gemstone Holding or White Flower of Life
60mm Gem Sphere Lids for 1L Cadus/Phoenix 1.3L Alladin Carafes

Cadus Salt Pitcher

Cadus 1 litre Carafe Salt Pitcher on table with its elegant wood  brine ladel and olive wood top. All by Natures Design

Adding Brine to water enhances Crystalline Structure, Health and Energy

Prepare a superior health brine with vital water from the Cadus pitcher and the world's most loved crystal salt. Add a 1/4 teaspoon to a Carafe so the water can micro-cluster around these high energy minerals to create more crystalline structure throughout all the water. And add a teaspoon of vital brine to a glass of water in a Jasmina, Mythos, Galileo or an appropriate Chakra Affirmation glass.

Taking this early morning will help you structure the water in your body with great mineral balance from more than 70 minerals needed for optimum health, healing, energy, and consciousness by detoxing and nourishing your inner vitality. Repeat daily. Feeding the nerves and blood vessels it helps the heart, normalises blood pressure and enhances memory and thinking.

Package includes Cadus Salt pitcher with a white Flower of Life and a top made of olive wood, a spoon with a long handle to capture the brine and a kilogram of halite (Himalayan rock) crystal salt. Pop a 60mm gemstone sphere of Rock Quartz on top for added benefit. Sold out until full flights resume post lockdown. Paid Back orders filled in priority order.

Cadus 1L Salt Pitcher with Salt and Spoon

Golden Delicate Carafe

Golden Delicate Carafe 500ml with golden-ratio proportions and 24 carat gold flower of life emblazoned into its base

The Golden Delicate is a smaller 500ml size of the well known Alladin carafe, easy for children to handle and White Flower of Life is also available. Their water crystal even shows a smaller "child" growing from the parent crystal. Hand-crafted and mouth-blown in lead-free glass. Dish-washer safe to 70°C/158°F.

Golden Delicate Carafe 500ml with golden-ratio proportions and 24 carat gold flower of life emblazoned into its base Golden Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Energy pattern on base of Natures Design Alladin and Delicate Carafes,  Mythos Glasses and Lagoena Drink Bottles Water Crystal produced 3 minutes in Delicate Carafe, by Masaru Emoto method
Delicate Carafes
Choose Flower Of Life for Carafe and Glasses
Carafe Tops - Glass and Wood

Universe and Beauty Carafes

10 litre Universe Carafe by Natures Design

Abundant Healthy Water

Universe is probably the largest mouth blown water carafe worldwide, with its 10L / 340 fl.oz capacity ideally suited for everyone at home, school or woprkplace. Beauty at 5L/ 170 fl.oz is second largest. Their patented water tap is easy to use and designed for frequent use. It is made of chrome steel with a silicone washer/seal.

Golden PHI Beauty Energy

With the same golden PHI ratio proportions as Beauty, Alladin and Delicate the Beauty and Universe have the Flower of Life energy matrix emblazoned into their base in pure platinum. This adds to the smooth, cool energy taste of vortex structured water they create in 3 minutes, and this transformation increases the longer they hold water. With mouth blown traditional workmanship in borosilicate glass both sizes accept hot water (100°C / 212°F).


All Carafes create create large soothing bio-energy fields. Hexagonal water crystals photographed with the Masaru Emoto method, show their presence of liquid crystalline, full-spectrum water. This energy is nourished and sustained by Mythos glasses pictured on the table above, and every wine and drinking glass, on this page.    

glass tube that goes inside 5 litre Beauty Carafe by Natures Design

glass tube that goes inside 5 litre Beauty Carafe by Natures Design

Glass Tubes Add Gemstones

Removable glass tubes are included in which ice cubes can be placed to chill the water without the cubes getting mixed in. Gemstones, Paramagnetic Earth Resonance Blends, Snow Quartz, Shungite chips and other water conditioning crystals can also be placed in the tube for even greater, tasty structure in your water, cool and smooth.

Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend Sand for vortex water energisation inside 5 litre Beauty and 10 litre Universe Carafes with golden ratios and platinum flower of life Shungite set of chips for vortex water energisation Shungite sphere to go on top of Alladin, Delicate, Beauty and Universe Carafes for additional vortex water structure White quartz chips 3-6mm in diameter for vortex water energisation

Beauty Tube also fits into 14L Water Eggs (below) to structure water in them. Always increasing the level of vortex structure within water making it sweeter, smoother, clearer and more energetic as your family's drink and to increase the health and productivity of children and staff. The Beauty Tube is about 30cm long, with a diameter of 45mm that flares to 105mm at the top. Universe is about 40cm long, with a 50mm diameter flaring to 124mm at the top. our 30mm Shungite spheres fit inside. The round glass tops, Shungite spheres, glass tubes and contents for them are all available separately.

Natural Bristle Brush for Cleaning 10 litre Universe Carafe by Natures Design 10 litre Universe Carafe by Natures Design Emoto Water Crystal produced by 10L Universe Carafe in golden ratio proprotions with platinum flower or life by Natures Design

Gemstone imbued water with 5L Beauty on Ashwood stand and Mythos Chakra glasses
The 5L Beauty stand is reminiscent of torus and vortex, Glasses shown are available separately on this page.

Beauty and Universe both have a Platinum Flower of Life laser-burned into their base for you or you can choose to be without it. Golden, Happy, Platinum or White Mythos Flower of Life, Chakra and Affirmation Glasses may be chosen above. All prices everywhere on this page include FREE shipping within mainland New Zealand.

Beauty 5 Litre Carafes
Choose Flower Of Life for Carafes
Beauty Gemstones, Brush, Stand and Parts
Universe 10 litre Carafes
Choose Flower Of Life for Carafes
Universe Brush, Tube Contents, Stand & Parts

10L Unbiverse Carafe topped by gleaming 90mm shungite sphere, filled with paramagnetic earth resonance blend and draped with gold-plated 3 spiral triskelion

10L Universe Carafe topped by 90mm polished shungite, filled with Paramagnetic Earth Resonance Blend and draped with gold-plated 3 Spiral Harmoniser from We've only one 5L Beauty left with the older tap style it shows.

glass tube that goes inside 5 litre Beauty Carafe by Natures Design 10L Unbiverse Carafe tap
New tap and perforated Aroma Tube for Universe and Beauty

Shungite sphere to go on top of Alladin, Delicate, Beatury, Universe Carafes and 4.3 Litre Water Egg for additional vortex water structure
Polished Shungite Sphere

Shungite spheres go on top of Carafes to add more protection and energy than the spherical glass top every Carafe comes with.

These add a protective and bio-radiant field of energy nurturing all those within it, including the water 40mm spheres create a field out to about 1.6m, 50mm spheres cover about 2.8m, 60mm 3-4m and 90mm spheres reach out and help for about 8m.


Mythos Glasses

side view of Mythos glass with its Gold Flower of Life view of base of Mythos glass showing Gold Flower of Life water crystal from water after 3 mintues in Mythos glass with Gold Flower of Life

Every glass adds to the water energy created by Carafe. Each Flower of Life option is available adn each is lead free dishwasher safe to 70°C. Email us (Details at foot of page) to order single replacement items. We have only one of some still in stock!

Mythos Glasses
Choose Flower Of Life of your glasses

Added Energy of Nature

Every Natures Design comes with the option of a Flower of Life. 24-carat gold is most popular, and some are Happy, Platinum or White. Each is laser burned into the glass base of each product speaking of an energy and abundance that enriches are revitalises water with life-force energy.

Golden, Happy, Platinum and White Flower of Life patterns on bases of Mythos Glasses and Carafes

Golden Ratio proportions precisely machine-crafted add more vortex and smooth liquid cyrstalline structure to your water.

9cm Energy plate with Gold Flower of Life

The small 9cm energy plates above with the gold Flower of Life add energy fitting neatly over and under Mythos Glasses for extra energy.

Golden Energy Plate Dust Covers with Flower of Life - 9cm

Galileo in a Glass

Galileo with 4 fold rippling sacred geometry and white flower of life emblazoned into its base

Galileo is bold iin its courage to be more than others. 500ml holds more of the world in each glass. Many terabytes of information in each drop. 500ml with white flower of life gives it four golden ratio curves capacity for more energy with refills from carafes and water eggs less frequently. As a new glass we will have Galileo's water crystal featuring here, May 2020.

Galileo 500ml Glasses with White Flower of Life

Dear Jasmina

3 minutes in a Jasmina glass makes hexagonal Masaru Emoto Water Crystals like this Jasmina 400ml glass with 4-fold rippling golden-ratio proportions and white flower of life emblazoned into her base

Our dear Jasmina is delicate and courteous sharing her light 400ml of structure in water through the spiral cut Vortex Calamus straw illustrated. Jasmina matches 4 golden ratio curves with the straws 6. We have Only one Golden, Two Happy and Two White Flower of Life glasses left until shipping resumes, plus one with No Flower of Life. These can be ordered from us by Email (at foot of this page). Four Platinum left can be purchased immediately via Paypal with the button below.

Jasmina Glasses
Choose Flower Of Life of your Jasmina


Daily Question Answer Service: Telgram David or Email (without spaces): dav id@ naturesdesign .nz

FREE 15 minute Zoom or Skype session focused on anything you ask the Health Practitioner Advisory Panel about liquid crystalline E-Z water memory, clarity, taste, energy and how our products work. Gift value: $97.



Manifest Chakra Glasses

Drinking vitalized water with special colours, symbols, words of affirmation and design based on Golden Ratio helps heal the 7 chakras for greater health, happiness and prosperity. Each chakra has different ways that it adds to and supports our health and energy. This help and its affirmation plus the chakra's own symbol are burned into the base of each glass.

Red Root Chakra with Affirmation of HEALTH. Orange Sacral Chakra with Affirmation of HARMONY. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra with Affirmation of COURAGE. Green Heart Chakra with Affirmation of LOVE. Blue Throat Chakra with Affirmation of CREATIVITY. Indigo Brow Chakra with Affirmation of INTUITION. Purple Crown Chakra with Affirmation of WISDOM.

Seven 250ml glasses. Machine-crafted in lead-free glass and Dishwasher safe to 70degC. Glasses can also be purchased separately by special order, For more on Chakras and the Mythos Chakra Glasses Click HERE.

Seven 250ml Mythos Glasses shaped with the Golden Ratio, help balance our 7 chakras withthe 7 colorus of the rainblow, symbols and words of affirmation on their bases
Mythos Chakra Glass Set(s) of 7

Affirmation of Life

Four 250ml Mythos Glasses in 4 colorus owiht symbols and positive affirmations on their bases

Affirmations achieve dreams with every sip from these glasses. Masaru Emoto showed us that affirmations add matching six sided crystals to water. Symbols and statements on each glasses make the difference! and the water tastes different We all love the encouraging sip each glass gives.

Manifest changes in life adding words on paper and sitting these beneath each glass, to focus your dreams and gain specific insight. Our own sentences become ...

I am happy .... wise, caring and sharing .... enjoying all I am loving being
Blue chooses happy thoughts.

I can do it .... naming the adventure one is on ... the much loved parts of life
Orange draws in all experience.

I have a big heart .... caring for me, God, others .... helping the world be a greater place expressing my enthusiasms and passions
Red is the Heart!

I enjoy learning .... (subject) ... moves towards successful achievement.
Green inspires: "Go For It!.

Mythos Glasses are 250ml, robust, lead free, dishwasher safe to 70degC and symbols last for many hundreds of washes in the dishwasher or even longer when more gently cleaned. The symbols: blue, orange, red and green, respectively add colour energy to water in ways the 7 chakra glasses above also do.

Mythos shape revitalises water in only 3 minutes. Each affirmation additionally revitalizes the water. The full set gives a great deal of choice. Have fun discovering what each of the symbols reveal about life and how to live and enjoy life more fully!
Be happy, creative, loving and enjoy life.

Affirmation Glasses

Cotula Bowls

Golden Ratio Bowls 12 and 23cm in diameter with white flower of life emblazoned into their bases Water Crystal produced 3 minutes in the Cotula Golden Ratio bowl, usng Masaru Emoto's method

The Cotula bowl is a real eye-catcher, even when empty. The tall, hand-blown shape highlights dynamic lines of the Golden Ratio and a white Flower of Life embossed in the base adds revitalisation to foods in the bowl. The smaller Cotula has a diameter of 12 cm sand is 6.5 cm deep. A larger Cotula has a diameter of 23 cm and is 12cm deep. We get them in by special order, buying now will place you on back-order.

Traditional craftsmanship mouth-blown in lead-free glass that can be heated up to 70°C/158°F.

Cotula Bowls

Zest Energy In A Plate

23cm Golden Flower of Life Zest Energy Plate Golden Flower of Life Zest Energy Plates water crystal 23cm Golden Flower of Life Zest Energy Plate

Zest Energy Plates double as energy dust covers for above Mythos glasses and energise Fruit on 9cm diameter then your whole meal becomes energised on our 23cm size. Both are Hexagonal withd Golden Flower of Life to powerfully give structure to your food and water. Sold out until enough flights resume for freight to come back in post lockdown. Pre-paid back orders will be filled in the order they are received. No refunds on these.

Zest Energy Plates with Gold Flower of Life

Flower of Life

White Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is the prototype for creation and a powerful symbol of Sacred Geometry in many cultures and religions. It has simple beauty and perfection and as a symbol of the perpetual process of creation it creates harmonious reorganization and structuring in water.

The Flower of Life consists of numerous overlapping circles. The starting point is the circle in the center. Represented in this circle is a basic, geometrical structure, which reveals that originally, all life sprang from a single source. Cell division in every creature proceeds into appropriate and harmonious form.

As this symbol is utilized in products, water held in these products remembers this original code and water once again arranges itself symmetrically into the basic structure it most likes: hexagons. And this same, original, hexagonal form is found in the Flower of Life!

All Natures Design products are also created from the Golden Ratio, and you will get revitalised water from all of them. But with the White Flower of life on the bottom there is also opportunity to enrich the water with additional information.

Flower of Life colours have different impacts on the human being and arouse emotions and associations. The flower is burned in from the outside at 600°C; 4 different colours are available revitalising water and making it even better and richer in different products of Natures Design.

White is purity, good honest integrity, innocence and perfection. The White Flower on the drink bottles will help you broaden your perception and will make you feel more open for the new opportunities and ideas.  

100% Natural Drink Bottles

White Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Energy pattern on base of Natures Design Alladin and Delicate Carafes, Mythos Glasses and Lagoena Drink Bottles 700ml Lagoena All-Natural Glass Drink bottles with cork surround, golden-ratio proportions, natural wood screw top and natural rubber rings to hold cork in place. Water Crystal produced 3 minutes in bottle, by Emoto method

Our 100% eco-friendly natural water bottles hold the gemstone energy you've put into your water and keep the micro-cyrstalline structure you've given to it with the golden PHI ratio proportions of Water Eggs and Carafes, Flower of Life, Gemstones and higher frequencies of gratitude, love, and appreciation.

In 300, 500 and 700ml each size fits into all popular bottle carriers and holders. The tops of the bottles you choose can be bio-plastic or totally wood. The wood tops are 100% wood and even the white insert inside the cap that keeps it water-tight is ade of organic wood mass. On all types rings of natural coutchouk rubber hold protective cork in place and Baby's bottles include teats made of this same rubber. All tops seal well for leak-proof travel.

Each bottle has famous golden ratio proportions providing a noticeable improvement to water in 3 minutes. The hexagonal "snowflake" symmetry that form in water within 3 minutes.

The cork surrounds give Natures Design bottles their unique identity. They are non-slip, protective structure water through the resonance of corks hexagonal honeycomb structure. The cork is in two pieces that dovetail into each other and are held in place by the rubber rings. All parts are replaceable, including the remarkable glass bottle itself; hand-blown in lead-free glass with its 60% silica-sand and 40% recycled quartz content.

500 and 700ml bottles are safe to 70°C/158°F. Wooden tops are rinsed and washed but not immersed in water. Wood tops eventually wear out in a year or two, especially if frequently tightened much more than they need to be. The wood tops are made in a size that is about 37mm across the outside of the top of the bottle. Bio-plastic flip-tops are made for those bottles whose openings are about 50mm across.

300ml Baby's and Hot Drink bottles are made from hardened boro-silicate glass that an be heated to boiling point (100°C/212°F) Their cork surround keep milk and hot drinks warm within totally natural surroundings.

300ml Drink Bottles with Bioplastic Flip-Tops
500ml Drink Bottles with Wood or Bioplastic Flip-Tops
Choose Type of Top you want
700ml Drink Bottles with Bio-Plastic or Wood Tops
Choose Type of Top you want
Natural Bristle Brush for Cleaning all Natures Design bottles
Brush & Parts Bottles Narrow 27mm Opening
Replacement Cork Sleeves and Rubber Rings for All Drink Bottles


Thankyou 100% natural completely eco-friendly 300, 50, 700 ml sizes for cold, warm and boiling hot drinks plus baby's milk

We also have a limited number of EMOTO collector's edition of bottles with Wood Tops and "THANK YOU" engraved into the cork and "THANKYOU" laser burned permanently into the glass at 600°C. Dr Masaru Emopto showed that saying Thankyou, goiving appreciation and gratitude to water creates wonderful snowflake like patterns in the water. Collector's Edition Thankyou bottles attract a premium price for those who want the very best energy without bio-plastic. Ordering standard bottles will give you the Flower of Life and not the THANK YOU that so blesses water.

EMOTO "THANK YOU" Bottles. These last available bottles have a "THANK YOU" Blessing on their Cork Surround and White "THANK YOU" Blessing on base of bottle giving a unique and much appreciated structure to water in the tradition established by the now world-wide team of Dr Masru Emoto. They are also special to us with their wood tops that create a more natural energy than bio-plastic. When worn out wide wooden tops are replaceable with the bio-plastic flip-tops. Narrow wood replacement tops are available; cork surrounds can be replaced with ones with the words "NATURES DESIGN" and glass bottles with those that have the White Flower of Life.

Numbers remaining: One Baby's THANK YOU 300ml with wide wooden top, natural rubber teat and stainless steel cap. Six HOT 300ml THANK YOU with wide wooden tops. Three DRINK 500ml THANK YOU with narrow wood top. Six Drink 700ml Bottles with narrow wood top.

Each 100% eco-friendly THANKYOU gives a blessing to water revitalising it with the love and appreciation and White Flower of Life that gives water greater health qualities. in 300, 500 and 700ml sizes the 300ml Baby's and HOT Drink Bottles have a wide opening (about 40mm across) and compostable organic bio-plastic flip-top. 500 and 700ml tops come in a choice of the wide opening with boio-plastic flip-top or a more narrow wood top. Both lid tops seal tight for leak-proof travel.

EESC European Sustainability Award 2015 Enthisast holds first 100% eco-bottle in the world

Premium Collector's "THANK YOU" Edition with Wood Tops

Restore vitality to food, water and home giving you subtly more energy, protection, support and health.
Use with a healthy diet, exercise and real connection with nature and yourself as a spiritual being.


Vortex Straw and Stirrer

Water crystal formed in water sipped through Vortex Straw

The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” mouth-blown drinking straw. Because of a fine spiral cut into the narrow glass tube, any liquid that passes through it acquires a powerful vortex motion. As seen in tornadoes, wildly-flowing rivers and ocean waves – the vortex action increases the ienergy present. The delicate structure of the hand-blown drinking straw takes its shape from the Golden Ratio. For children over 6 years.

Drinking water through the 24cm straw gives it more liquid cyrstalline structure and keeping a straw in a glass of water has a resonance effect in the water that also adds energy to nearby water. Stirring with it structures the water with increasing effect as more of the divisions in the wtraw sit within the water (or other liquid). If the straw is only partially immersed place place its smallest partitions lower most so at least the first three are in the water. Water may be stirred clockwise, counter-clockwise and both.

Experiment and taste your results. Straws are only be shipped with other products. Boro-silicate glass safe to 100°C/158°F. Can be boiled.

Golden-ratio PHI and Fibbonaccia proportions and spiral lining of the Vortex Straw and Stirrer
Vortex Spiral Drinking Straws (30cm)
All natural goat hair vortex straw cleaning brush

Water Eggs

4.3L Egg with tap and poplar wood stand 1.5 litre water egg jug

4.3L Egg with tap and poplar wood stand and 1.5L Egg Jug

Ceramic Clay Water Eggs structure and energise water with continuous subtle PHI energy flows producing smooth, alive, clean tasting energy not present in tap, distilled and filtered water. Golden ratios spirals within the egg follow Viktor Schauberger'sdesign of the vortex torus.

Constant convection and spiralling movement keep liquids fresh, cool and healthy. The stored liquid should not be exposed to sunlight. The Ancients knew of this and used amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels made from natural materials. There are no corners and crevices there is no stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed.

The Water Egg™ (28 cm length x 19 cm greatest diameter) is beautifully handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It stores nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid. A Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures that whatever you store in it becomes energised. Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, milk, oil or whatever you can think of. Let us know whether you wnat its stand to be made of poplar, sapple or oak It has a tap wwith replacement parts available.

There is no stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed in the constantly flowing, cool water with the Eggs.

Enjoy the 1.5 litre Water Egg Jug on your table and draw water from your 4.3 litre Harmoniser Water Egg for improved cooking, brewing, drinking and wine making. The Jug is turned upside down to fill and the 14 litre has a tap that is metal and food grade plastic. Care instructions and emailed to all is approx. 1.5 Litres, 24 cm height, 13 cm diameter plus handle and spout).

With massive new shipping costs adding to the price of our much loved and prized 4.3L Water Eggs and 1.5L Water Egg Jugs you consider our Golden-ratio PHI Carafes from 1 to 10L in size available on this page and at NaturesDesign Australia and New Zealand and our whole-house vortex water Energisers, Harmonisers and Revitalisers.
1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design

Being hand-crafted these products may have certain irregularities. The water in both Water Eggs breathes with glazing on the inside only. Both include PHI Spiral Harmonisers.

These are still coming in with shipping delays of 4 - 8 weeks, however If shipping of these becomes not possible fully paid orders will be supplied in the order that they were received until all orders are filled. How long shipping would take to resume we cannot say. No refunds on these.


Water Egg Jug 1.5L & 4.3L on stand


Rubellum and Fine Wine

500ml wine glass with golden ratio proportions

The Rubellum wine carafe delights wine connoisseurs because of its curved design, derived from the golden rectangle. Decanting wine into the “Rubellum” alters its crystalline structure and giving it energy and body organically. The Flower of Life, in white, is burned into the bottom of the carafe and the elegant 500ml Red and 400ml White Wine glasses you keep beside it. The elegant 1L carafe can be sealed with your choice of Olive wood top or Glass stopper.

Wine becomes more bubbly, flaours and tanins are accentuated and a subtle smooth energy emerges. Lead-free glass, dishwasher safe to 70°C/158°F.

Emoto Water Crystal made in 3 minutes in Rubellum Wine Carafe 500ml wine glass with golden ratio proportions Rubellum Wine Carafe with Glass top and golden ratio proportions 500ml wine glass with golden ratio proportions Water Crystal produced by 500ml wine glass with golden ratio proportions, photogrphed by Masaru Emoto method

Water Crystal - Rubellum Carafe with Olive Wood - Glass top - Wine Glass - Water Crystal

Wine Glasses
Choose Type of Wine Glass
Rubellum Carafes
Choose Glass or Olive Wood Top
Replacement Tops for Rubellum Carafe

Incense Burner and Oil Diffuser

Lucerna the Curvaceous Incense Burner and Oil Diffuser beside her incense dish The 6 Incenses for Natures Design Incense Burner and Oil Diffusers Lucerna the Curvaceous Incense Burner and Oil Diffuser with 3 PHI golden-ratio curves on checkered cloth table

Odoris Incense Burner and Oil Diffuser by candle light at twilight time Relax Incense for Natures Design Incense Burner and Oil Diffusers Odoris Incense Burner and Oil Diffuser by candle light in the dark
Enjoy the pleasant scent of many relaxing and energising natural fragrances

The mouth blown and translucent glass chimney of Odoris is positioned on a handcrafted wooden base made from natural ash wood. The elegant and harmoniously designed form creates a soft, dimmed candle-light. The unique and ingenious combination of incense burner and aroma-oil diffuser allows many applications. The heat resistant boro-silicate glass incense bowl (with flower of life) to hold hold "Relax", which comes with it, and your choices of our rich dried herbal blends or Swiss pine aroma-oil to create delightful natural fragrances inside and outside.

Each is mouth blown in Lead-free glass bowl that has the White Flower of life. Both have Ashwood bases, place for tea-light candle and heat resistant boro-silicate glass dish with White Flower of Life t:

* Balance: Copal Tree resin, Lavender, Liquid Amber, Rosemary, Rose petals, Sandalwood and Styrax resin
* Mystic: Copal Tree Resin, Palo santo, Lemongrass, Licorice root.
* Oriental Dream: Apple pieces, Frankincense, Ginger and Orange peel
* Relax: Cedarwood: Frankincense, Ginger, Juniper berries, Lavender, Lemon peel and Sandalwood
* Summer Breeze: Copal Tree resin, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Lemon peel and Sunflower leaves
* Wellness: Cedarwood: Cinnamon, Rose petals and Styrax resin

100% naturally scented dry plant materials with no synthetic chemicals give a longer, more continuous, clean and gentle evapouration of essential oils. Each glass jar with cork top has 50ml. Use a tea-light candle that is 100% free of toxic additives to breathe in clean air

Many of the plants are sacred to Indigenous peoples of MesoAmrica in healing ceremonies

* Palo santo bark:"Wood of the Saints" or "Holy Wood" in Spanish, with the botanical name Brusera graveolens, is sustainably harvested from the Yucatan Peninsula to Peru to Venezuela. It supports immunity, reduces inflammation and is considered a powerful supporter of mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.

* Copal tree: Sap dries to become a soft and sacred Mexican resin has a crisp, clearing, sharp scent purifying the atmosphere and energy space in whcih you live. In this it can be greatly supported by the PHI spiral Air effects of the Space Harmonisers at Unity Conscious. LIke Pal Santo it comes from the Buresa trees sacred to the Maya in MesoAmerica. Puts us in touch with ourselves and intuition.

* Styrax benzoin resin: Sweet, warming, rich vanilla like aroma. It is calming, grounding, and helps us be present and earthed in our root chakra. Uses include clearing the skin, throat and lungs and being good for arthritis and stress.

Incenses Oil Burners and Diffusers

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